Racing For Pink Slips Volume 17

Category: soul

--09. Billy Joe Royal – Hearts Desire

This is one of my favorite discoveries digging in a while. I went through a ton of old Northern Soul compilations, lists online, Kev Roberts Northern Soul 500, dollar bins all over both coasts of the United States and its all worth it to find a tune like this. I love that this was a […]

--10. Chuck Wood – Seven Days Too Long

Number 11 on the Northern Soul Top 500. “Seven Days Too Long” was originally released in the US on Roulette and for whatever reason was deemed a “regional breakout” and charted in Billboard magazine but then two weeks later disappeared without a trace. No one has ever been able to dig up much about the […]

--11. Ramsey Lewis – Wade In The Water

A long time dancing favorite in Northern England, still highly favored decades later. One of my favorite instrumentals associated with the Northern Soul scene of all time. The original U.S. pressing. mp3 (right click link and save as)

--12. Curtis Mayfield – Move On Up

A classic way beyond the scope of Northern Soul. One of the best soul songs of all time, perhaps Curtis Mayfield’s finest work. A party starter guaranteed. A textbook floor filler. I never understood how this song was released in the United States and didn’t even chart! The original version is 9 minutes and has […]

--13. Lou Pride – I’m Comin’ Home In The Mornin’

Uk label Outta Sight is pretty much reissuing every obscure soul record I have never been able to afford. Shelling 12 bucks out for the import reissue feels good when the original goes for 1500 pounds. Lou Pride “smooth, uptown southern voice” was perfect for the tastes of the Northern English crowds. Add in a […]

--14. Bunny Sigler – Let The Good Times Roll

I’ve never DJed a soul party without this record. This is a dance floor smasher, a real barnstormer. Bunny Sigler is one of the cornerstones of Philly music working with everyone from the Ojays to the Roots. This was really his only hit as a singer, making the charts upon release in 1967. His version […]

--15. Little Richard – I Don’t Want To Discuss It

Little Richard to me really hasn’t stood the test of time with the exception of “I Don’t Want To Discuss It”. He certainly has not marinated over time ,even his songs that were enormously popular are pretty garbage. If I ever drop “Tutti Frutti” come up and slap me please. I’ll appreciate it. His later […]

--16. Reperata & The Delrons – Panic

Holy fuck this song is progressive, especially considering the bulk of Reperata & The Delrons recorded output is mediocre doowop. Where the hell did this song come from? It sounds like proto 80s music, like Fleetwood Mac 10 years before they knew who the fuck they were. Good lord. By the late 1970s “Panic” was […]